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Why I Love Nashville – Allison Pearson

Posted by Shawn Tate on December 4, 2020
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Allison Pearson

What brought you to Nashville?
I have worked in the financial industry for 18 years, and my company relocated me here.  I had the opportunity to travel back and forth between Denver and Nashville for five years, so I could get to know the area before being asked to relocate. 

Any similarities between Nashville and where you moved from?
That’s an interesting question because the climates are very different.  Denver is dry, but lot’s of sun, yet Nashville brings moisture and a rainier winter, yet very mild.  Although I am not a huge sports fan, it was nice to have the Titans and Predators here. I grew up in Minnesota with brothers that are avid hockey players; still, today, so fun to see the enthusiasm and support of the Predators.  Like Denver, Nashville offers lots of great parks and hiking trails, as my husband and I love the outdoors. 

Most surprising revelation about the area? 
Like Denver, lots of people are moving to Nashville.  I am not sure those that are native love the change, but for me, it certainly brings people together.  My neighborhood is one of those that are from the area and many from out of town.  Everyone has been so welcoming, and that’s one appreciation I have for Nashville; they are very hospitable. 

If you could change one thing about Nashville, what would it be?
Well, one we probably can’t change – the cloudy winters!  I know there are pros and cons to living anywhere, but I did love the sunny winters.  At least it’s very mild here!  Outside of that, Nashville has a lot to offer in terms of outdoors, history to get you thinking about today’s world, and food!

How has the Covid-19 Pandemic changed how you live life in Nashville?
Covid 19 has impacted the globe, so we are all impacted no matter where you live.  I have learned to live on Zoom, which is not only work-oriented but family-oriented.  In remarkable ways, my family is closer in a live connection format due to Covid-19.  Would we have done Zoom gatherings otherwise – probably not?  My family is in California, Utah, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  We see each other in person more now but sadly, not in person.  I also see friends in many states due to the pandemic! I will say that the pandemic has brought out the neighborhood feel I grew up with. Our parents weren’t running us to all kinds of activities.  We played and were creative as kids growing up as a neighborhood, and I see that returning! Love it!

A must-to-do for visitors from your perspective?
I think everyone should experience the outdoors – hiking, canoeing, and paddleboard. I would also recommend exploring the different influences throughout Nashville, including history, learning, music, food, and wine!

Why I love Nashville
I love Nashville for the points highlighted above.  As mentioned, anywhere you live has its pros and cons.  For the most part, fabulous great outdoors here, lot’s to do.  The restaurants and food are amazing!  Healthy eating is easy to find as there is a misconception about the south and food, and it was not healthy!  I love my neighborhood and my house.  Coming from Denver, we lived in a neighborhood developed by one builder with four models.  I love the variety in my community.  Love, love my front porch and back screened in porch – so enjoyable! 

Allison Pearson is a financial services representative at a major corporation in the Middle Tennessee area.