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Why I Love Nashville – Phil & Jill Wright

Posted by Shawn Tate on July 27, 2020
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Phil & Jill Wright

What brought you to Nashville?
We moved to Nashville from Denver as part of a work relocation. So it was a big, life-changing transition.

What is the most surprising revelation about the area?
The most surprising revelation is how Nashville is so much more than just a musical hub, which is the national perception perhaps. Also, how well the Titans played this year. Wow! 

What is your favorite restaurant?
Full disclosure, we haven’t got to as many restaurants as we would like to in the last year for obvious reasons. I do love the meat and three concept. So we really like Bishop’s in Franklin. We also enjoy 55 South in Franklin and Spring Hill.  

A “must-do” for visitors to the area?
In non-pandemic times, a walk down Broadway on any given evening, a show at the Bluebird Café, and a visit to the Nashville Public Library (main branch). It offers a lot.

What have you noticed about Nashville given Covid-19 Pandemic?
From what I have observed, Nashville has embraced social distancing without losing its zeal for life and need for growth.   

Why I love Nashville
Well, we’re still getting to know Nashville, but I do believe it is a special place that is transforming without losing sight of great traditions. A nice balancing act.   

Phil is a marketing executive at a financial services company located in Franklin.  His focus is on the retirement industry. Jill manages the household, which includes two teenagers, a pet lizard named “Toaster.”