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Why I Love Nashville – Angie Veach

Posted by Shawn Tate on April 16, 2020
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Angie Veach

Angie Veach is a client from the Hoosier state of Indiana who represents the 100 people per day who move to Nashville. Angie offers insights about what she admires about Nashville as well as, her thoughts on the resilient spirit of Nashvillians in light of the recent tornado and COVID-19 Pandemic. 

What brought you to Nashville?
My husband and I wanted a change. Then a new career opportunity came about, and we jumped at the chance. 17 months after moving here my husband suddenly passed. My new employer quickly became my new family. ENA was so supportive during the hardest and saddest period of my life.

What is the most surprising revelation about the area?
So many things… it’s very curvy and hilly, compared to Indiana which is straight and flat. But also, the diversity in every sense of the word. Diverse nature, diverse population, diverse things to do and experience and explore.

What is your favorite restaurant?
El Rey Azteca in White’s Creek. It’s 10 minutes from home, has the best Margaritas around (and I’ve searched a lot of different places to test this theory), and it’s where my husband and I used to spend our date nights before he passed.  

What is a must-to-do for visitors?
(1) Sounds Baseball Game. (2) Titans Football Game. (3) Preds Hockey Game. (4) Visit 2nd and Broadway; one time will do it. (5) Redneck Comedy Bus Tour. (6) Monell’s Restaurant in Germantown followed by a round of (7) Top Golf.

Why I love Nashville
It is a place of new beginnings; a place to start over. It’s also a place rooted in history and while I don’t particularly enjoy country music, I appreciate the history of the genre. I live in a rural, quiet area, but I’m 15 minutes from all the entertainment, shopping, nature, or activities I could ever want. Nashville is where I needed to be at this time in my life. I’ve been here since 2013 and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Nashville has been hit with a tornado and the Coronavirus. What have you noticed about the resilience and spirit of the community? I work from home so I’m pretty much in a constant state of self-isolation. And since I haven’t lived here very long, I’m mostly aware of how these events have impacted my co-workers. My company does a lot with Hands on Nashville (HON) and I see their email newsletters. First there was a call for help after the tornado, then a resounding “thank you but we have too many volunteers,” then the virus hit and people had to stay away for a time until safety precautions could be put in place. I know there are a lot of helping organizations out there, but it was remarkable to see how quickly HON reacted to the changing landscape. Add to that the onslaught of residents willing to lend a hand, it’s enough to bring a piece of joy to some shattered hearts. 

Angie Veach is employed by ENA. ENA delivers future-ready connectivity, communication, cloud, security, and data analytics solutions to education, library, healthcare, and government organizations nationwide.