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Why I Love Nashville – Ben Stewart

Posted by Shawn Tate on February 13, 2020
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Nashville Tennessee

With 100 people per day moving to Nashville, most Nashvillians know that there’s something special about the greater Nashville metropolitan area. Think about it, Nashville is home to two former U.S. Presidents, countless celebrities and everyday good common folks. Recently I checked in on a client who originally had some reservation about moving to Nashville, an area they never visited, nor given thought to as a place to live. The response…Shawn, I Love Nashville! It instantly prompted me to ask other clients why they love Nashville. Nashville resident Ben Stewart answers a few questions including why he loves Nashville.

Ben Stewart

What brought you to Nashville?
In January 2008 I accepted an employment opportunity that required relocation to Tennessee. Nashville was the only city I considered and made the move.

What is the most surprising revelation about the area?
You cannot talk about Nashville without acknowledging the change. When I first moved here it felt like the biggest, smallest town I’ve ever experienced. It has shifted somewhat to a city on the move in a big hurry.

What is your favorite restaurant?
It’s difficult to pick a favorite restaurant as there as so many choices….however, City House in Germantown holds a special place in my heart with their belly ham pizza with an egg in the center. I also enjoy Franklin’s Main Street options including Gray’s, Cork and Cow, and Red Pony.

What is the one question you ask all of your clients which helps you serve them with superior service?
If what you thought you knew about making financial decisions turned out not to be true….when would you want to know about it?

What is a must-to-do for visitors?
When I host out-of-town guests I always take them to Arrington Vineyard for great wine, views, and conversations. Bring your own picnic basket of meats and cheeses and let Arrington supply the rest. Great fun for the entire family!

Why I love Nashville
What I love about the area is that it caters to people from all walks of life. If you enjoy living in a city, then Nashville is your town. If you enjoy a slower pace and wish to raise a family with the best schools, parks, and recreation…..Nashville is your town. From professional playoff-making sports teams to local neighborhood restaurants with the best food and even better people…..this is my kind of town.

Ben Stewart is the Regional Vice President of Ohio National Financial Services.